Video Round-Up: Five JCAL Videos That You Might've Missed

  • November 14, 2022

Our YouTube is home to a plethora of content from our programs, workshops and initiatives. For this week's video round up, we pulled together clips from five JCAL programs that you might've missed. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube here to stay in tune with JCAL content!


'ENJOY' — Chinese Classical & Folk Umbrella Dance

Building Equity Presents: 'ENJOY', an evening dance event featuring various dance styles from the continent of Asia.

Curated By: Sangeeta Yesley


"A Mouth Full of Flies"

This poignant drama is a depiction of the deterioration of a family relationship due to the lack of a solid foundation. A man falls into the temptation of the world and abandons his family. Many years later, his son tries to reconnect with his long-lost father. Written by Mr. Vauban Júnior.


Check out Wayne Tucker rock the house!  Wayne Tucker is a 27-year-old trumpeter, composer, arranger, and teacher from Syracuse, NY. He headlined JCAL's Jazz series "Thursday Night Jazz".


MOVING VERSE — "The Voice"

Building Equity Presents: 'MOVING VERSE', an evening of dance performances choreographed in collaboration with poets and their crafts, where poetry and dance merge together.  

Curated By: Sangeeta Yesley of Creative Performances with Co-Curator Paige "Queen TuT" Stewart and Associate Curator/Art Designer Jeffrey D Holman aka Freedom Jones.


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