Current Exhibition

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning presents: Ancestral Nourishment
​​​​​​​Curated and Conceived by Seema Shakti Choudhary

Who are your ancestors and how do you honor them through your work? As artists, our creative practice grounds and nourishes our body, mind and spirit. There exists a source of energy and motivation that roots and fuels us to continue creating art.

This exhibition is about honoring this source of energy through celebrating our roots, our past, our ancestors and the nourishment and inspiration they provide us to continue creating and telling our stories through art. 

Featuring Art by: Alejandro Pinzón, Ameila Inderjeit, Anjeanette Ang, Annie Del Hierro, Anurima Kumar, Audrey Rodriguez, Carolina Amarillo, Christian Chang, Elizabeth Velazquez, Ellie Reynoso De La Rosa, Garry Grant, Ida Owens, Kadiatou Coulibaly, Karen Sonilall, Katie Frank, LisaMaria Maya, Marcy Chevali, Mellisa Severino, My Tien Pham, Nadia Misir, Raqeebah Zaman, Samantha Rae Hosein, Seema Shakti, Shvadre Stiffend, Sita Sunil, Tariq Julfiker

Exhibition Period: November 17th - January 6th

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