Here's all the info you need for our upcoming "Meet the Playwright Event

  • June 4, 2021

Our new Theatre series continues this month! Meet the Playwright explores new work by emerging and established writers for the stage. This month's Meet the Playwright will feature exciting plays by Suzanne Robinson and Stephanie Ogeleza. In a live webinar format, a professional director will rehearse a scene with professional actors, and the author will participate in both a pre-show discussion and moderated post-show Q&A with the audience. Meet the Playwrights below! RSVP Here.


Play: GIRTH Synopsis: A 50-something woman [Jackie] is about to undergo a rather personal medical procedure, and her new 40-something boyfriend [Dominic] is not sure how he feels about it…as if it’s any of his decision. Bio: Suzanne Bronson is a Master of Fine Arts graduate from New York University, and recipient of the Tisch School of the Arts and the Jean Stein scholarships Her black comedy, A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, was a 2018 semi-finalist for the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Suzanne’s other short plays are: Heart, first presented during the One Minute Play Festival's Live from the Anarchists Jurisdiction in cooperation with the Dramatists Guild of America in November 2020. The First Impression, a podcast available through Open-Door Playhouse from October 2020. And in April 2020, Repair Shop was part of the One Minute Play Festival's Coronavirus Plays Project.


Play: SEEDS OF STRANGERS Synopsis: A young man with dreams of becoming a professional boxer, is trapped inside his mother’s bitterness of what should have been in her own life, and the inability to recognize what the future still holds in her son’s life. Bio: A native New Yorker, playwright Stephanie Ogeleza is an artist and international entrepreneur. She is the owner and founder of Pristine Playhouse, a Multi-media and theater production company, and Chameleon Collage - the International House of Style. RSVP Here