Five Things You Can Learn from JCAL Education at Home

  • July 26, 2023

JCAL Education at Home is a multipart title in arts and learning available for free via JCAL’s YouTube platform, integrated with all of JCAL’s education programs, and suitable for any mode—in class, blended or remote. Check out five classes below!

Folk Music of Africa. JCAL Education at Home with Karina Parker

In this video, Karina Parker explores African Folklore music and some of the instruments used. It is part of a series of videos covering Folk music from various cultural traditions in the world.

How to do "The Kid N' Play" and "The Wop." JCAL Education at Home with Janora Blackman

As part of a Hip Hop Dance Series, in this video, Janora Blackman teaches you how to do dances like “The Kid n Play” and “The Wop.”

Art with Anthony Carter, Week 1

 In this video, we watch Anthony Carter as he teaches and demonstrates painting. Viewers can follow along, or start alongside him and take their work in any direction they’d like. This video is also the first in a series of teachings in art where you will learn more about painting and sculpting.

Christina Wellington Candle Making 101 ep 2

In this video, you can learn about the business of candle-making with Christina Wellington. You can check out her other videos in the series that teach more about the process of making candles.

Morris Ervin Writing For Reflection ep 1

This video is part one of a series called Writing for Reflection by Morris Ervin. In it, you can learn how to use journaling to reflect on things about yourself.