Luc Stephen

Luc Stephen:

Born in Haiti, and raised in Boston, before migrating to New York. Luc Stephen, is a creator, writer, producer and director that exploded onto the production scene in 2007 with his role in B.E.T's infamous series 'American Gangster'. The founder of Second Chance Enterprises, Mr. Stephen is most well known for producing the 2021 Louis Gosset Jr. movie "Sin" also "Better Than My Last" staring Hassan Johnson. As well as executive producing and Producing features "Prey Before You Eat", "Prey Before You Eat 2" and "Frienemies" which are distributed by Dame Dash Studios and Homestead Entertainment. His award winning short film " Circles", "The Cabin", the documentary "Black White and Blue" are on Amazon Prime. While the 10 episode series "Sister's Keeper" is being distributed by Homestead Entertainment. His Feature "Divided We Fall" is being distributed by Indie Rights. . His current client roster includes the brand L.L. Bean whose 2020 sales topped $1.59 billion and Lionsgate Films. Second Chance Enterprises is based in Queens, NY.