Reginald Rousseau


Reginald Rousseau

Patrice Robinson is best known for her intense, realistic portrait paintings created by using oil on wood panels. She gains inspiration from her personal experiences. The themes that interest Patrice are duality and the idea that what can be revealed in the light can also be revealed in the dark. Her paintings also focus on the complex psyche of a person. The anonymity and distance that surround some people strongly interests Patrice. She has exhibited at Sally Centigrade and Smack Mellon Galleries. Patrice’s work has been featured in PoetsArtists Magazine and American Art Collector. She currently lives and works in NYC.


Through painting portraits in oil on wood panels, I explore whether our histories, cultures or physical bodies define our place in the world. If it is habitual or instinctual to anchor ourselves to people, places, ideas and objects, and whether that should be deemed as good or bad. In these paintings I work out the complexities of the individual and his or her relationship to the idea of community. Illuminating contrasting concepts—such as the conscious versus the subliminal, multiple personalities versus one-dimensionality, self-determination versus mind control. I show this by using black and white paint as a means of creating feelings of isolation and emptiness, juxtaposed with feelings of fullness and possibility. This potentiality allows for the viewer to question their current beliefs, whether they are seemingly rigid or fragile.

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